March 17, 2003

In 199, we worked with Ron Pederson to design our new home at Blind Bay BC. We had been unable to find a house plan that was suitable for our unique and difficult view lot. When Ron was recommended as a designer, we went to see him and found that he was interested in our project. To familiarize us with his work, he took us to see a house that he had designed. He visited our lot, asked us for our "wish list" and came up with two possible plans. When we changed our mind about some elements, he was able to incorporate the changes and worked patiently until we were satisfied. Ron had many good ideas, was always available when we had questions or concerns, and was easy to work with. We are delighted with our new home. When visitors ask us where we found the plan, we are happy to tell them Ron Pederson designed it specially for us.

John & Marsha Miller.